Fath-ul-Jawad   فتح الجواد فی تفسیر آیات الجہاد

Urdu اردو



Family Background:

Venerable Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar___ a fearless and dauntless Mujahid, bold and courageous Journalist, eloquent speaker of the first rank in Arabic and Urdu, matchless unique writer, distinguished great Exegete of the Noble Qur'an, sympathiser of the Muslim Ummah and the greatest well-wisher of humanity ___ is the only ray of hope of uplift and progress of Jihad and survival of this deteriorated and grieved Ummah in this age of subversions, frustrations, disappointments and chaos.

He belongs to the noble 'Alvi family. He was born in 1968 in Bahawalpur to a scholarly family of Master Allah Bakhsh Sabir. His father has been a very distinguished teacher of Urdu and Persian. His paternal grandfather, Maulana Allah Dittah 'Ata was a staunch Muslim and Spiritual Guide of the people. His maternal grandfather, worthy Muhammad Hasan Chughtai, was a revolutionary leader. He played the vital role in the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Movement "(The Finality Prophethood Movement)" and remained Amir (Leader) of the "International Majlis-e-Ahrar" till 1992.

Elementary Education:

Allah had endowed Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar with all the sterling qualities of head and heart from the very childhood. Intelligence and perception, prudence and nobility, awe and solidity, compassion and sympathy were discernible from his facial expressions. He was admitted to a local Maktab at the age of four where he learnt the Noble Qur'an and got primary education. He passed the examination of 6th class from the Government Middle School Bahawalpur and the 7th class with his Uncle Muhammad Iqbal from Government Pilot Secondary School Rahim Yar Khan. Besides distinction in studies, he would take part in the speech contests and always won laurels.


His venerable father had resolved with Allah to devote his most intelligent and prominent son to religious education. So, after the seventh class, he was sent to the biggest and world famous Maktab "Jamia'-tul-Uloom-ul-Islamia, Allama Binnori Town, Karachi." Soon he became the centre of attention of all his teachers due to his God-gifted intelligence, diligence, hardwork, devotion to studies, depth of perception, learning everything minutely, fear of Allah and piety. Besides examinations, he took fervent part in speech contests and debates and always stood distinctive. As he had inborn love of reformation of the heart and company of the saints and holy men, hence, during his student life, he pledged an allegiance for the reformation of his "Self" with the Spiritual Guide Hazrat Maulana Mufti Wali Hasan Tonki ƒ. Besides education and religious training, he learnt mysticism and spiritualism from him. He passed all the examinations with distinction and gained mastery over the Arabic and Persian languages. So, after the completion of the "Shahadat-ul-'Alimia" he was appointed teacher at his Alma Mater.

Entry Into The Fascinating Valley:

In 1988, he, with his venerable teachers, went on a visit to Afghanistan. The blessings of Jihad, the physical objective conditions of the Mujahideen, requirements of Jihad and helplessness of the Muslim Ummah were revealed to him there. This left a lasting impact on him and caused a revolution in his heart and mind. That's why; he resolved with Allah to spread the message of persuasion to Jihad besides waging practical Jihad. Then side by side teaching, he made it his regular routine to go to other Maktabs, Masajid, and streets and bazaars of Karachi in order to persuade the people to Jihad through meetings, discussions and speeches. So much so, on holidays, he did not take rest rather he would tour other cities like Haiderabad, Sakkhur, Khipru and Nawab Shah etc. and ignited the fire of Jihad in the hearts of the people. After one year's strenuous labour, he enlisted numerous youngmen in Jihad.

Intoxication Of The Passion For Jihad:

In order to spread the Jihad task on a vast scale, to communicate the details about the adverse circumstances that the Mujahideen were undergoing and the messages of Shuhada to the Muslim Ummah, and to wane the impacts of the false propaganda of the False people, he felt dire need for a Journal. Allah had already gifted him with the equal qualities of eloquent speech and fluent writing. So, he published the monthly "Sada-i-Mujahid" (The voice of the Mujahid) in 1990 which earned marvellous popularity within a very short period. Moreover, he began to spend the annual vacation for three months in Afghanistan every year. Although he was badly injured in Jihad, yet his Jihad intoxication kept increasing with the passage of time in spite of the adversity and intensity of the situation. So much so, the vexation of the fire of Jihad began to expose itself in the form of Articles, booklets, Journals and books. Therefore, the books like "Fazail-E-Jihad, Mujahid Ke Azan, Jihad-Rahmat or Fasad, Khutbat-e-Mujahid, Mera Bhee Ik Sawal, Islam Aur Jihad ke Tayyariyan, Allah Walay, Ta'leem-ul-Jihad, Babury Masjid" i.e.

﴿فضائل جہاد، مجاہد کی اذان،جہاد رحمت یا فساد، خطبات مجاہد، میرا بھی اک سوال، اسلام اور جہاد کی تیاریاں، اللہ والے، تعلیم الجہاد، بابری مسجد﴾
came to the view in a very short period. It is a matter of wonder that regardless of captivity and release, this process of creation and publication of books has been going on so rapidly that dozens of his precious books on different aspects of Jihad have now been brought out.

Foreign Visits:

As an evidence of فَاِذَا عَزَمْتَ فَتَوَکَّلْ عَلَی اللّٰہِ اِنَّ اللّٰہَ یُحِبُّ الْمُتَوَکِّلِیْنَ  , since when Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar has stepped into the reverened world of Jihad, placing Tawakkul in Allah, he has been advancing forward without retreating even an inch so much so he has taken all the other members of his family with him also and has resolved to communicate the message of Jihad to the Muslims whatever the medium _____ writing or speech, whichever the time-day or night, whichever the state _____ journey or stay, whichever country-fatherland or foreign, whichever the position-captivity or release. Therefore, after the completion of his education in 1988, he started visiting foreign lands besides making tours of his own country and hence it became known that he had made Afghanistan his second abode. He visited Bengla Desh in 1989, 1990 and 1991. He also went to visit Saudi Arabia for the first in 1987 to perform Hajj and kept visiting it time and again till 1993. There he met many scholars, holy pious men and saints. He happened to go to UAE in 1993. There he addressed big congregations in Arabic. As a result, numerous Arab young men participated in Jihad. In February and March 1991 to 1993, he happened to visit Kenia, Sudan, Sumalia, Zambia and Africa in the company of the prominent Journalists. He had a detailed visit of the Great Britain in August 1993 due to which a number of scholars and young men took part in Jihad. In this way, the said Maulana with the international concern for Jihad visited many countries of the world in his adolescence.

The Field of Journalism:

At last, the stage came when every moment of his life was spent in Jihad. Therefore, he sacrificed everything at the altar of Jihad. In order to communicate the message of Jihad to every Muslim, he considered it essential to take up the field of Journalism i.e. print media. So, he performed the duty of Journalism with the scholarly dignity and grandeur; and avoiding ease--loving, business like thinking, dependence upon the Jews media, awe, expedience, convenience, lie and propaganda, he embellished Journalism with truth, outspokenness, fearlessness, sincerity, concern for the Muslim Ummah, courage, labour and honesty. He himself tried to witness the oppressions and cruelties exercised by the Kuffar upon the Muslim Ummah and resolved to bring the actual facts before the world through the medium of Journalism.


This great well-wisher of the Ummah who had devoted his life, soul, property and all the other capacities to the uplift of the Truth; visited many counties of the world to unite the disunited Ummah, to scratch out the awe of the Kuffar from their hearts and to urge the Muslim youth on to Jihad.
Therefore, how could he remain unaware of the Hindu oppressions to the Muslims of Kashmir? So, in order to witness with his open eyes the atrocities of the Hindus exercised on the Kashmiri Muslims and to perform his religious, moral and journalistic assignments, he got legal visa to India and reached Delhi in February 1994. But after two days when he was going to Sri Nagar; the Indian Army, violating the International Law, arrested him and sent him behind the bars without any trials and then kept torturing him mercilessly in different torture cells.

The Wild Passion:

Hazrat Maulana had made Jihad his motto and prism of life. He felt like a fish out of water without persuasion to Jihad even in the enemy captivity. Therefore, torturing and guarding over him in jails could not hamper him from persuasion to Din and Jihad; and hence following in the footsteps of his ancestors, he changed the Indian jails into educational institutions. He would collect the Mujahideen and other prisoners in Teharr Jail Delhi, Islamabad (Anant Nag), Budgam, Sri Nagar, Kot Bhalwal jails and torture cells and would teach them the meanings and explanations of the Noble Qur'an and Traditions till the thing became known everywhere that Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar had turned the Indian Jails into "Mini Pakistan." The point to wonder is that he continued the difficult task like article writing in the jails also. All this was the result of the sincerity of his purpose, honesty of his labour and Allah's hidden assistance.

Painful Captivity --- Marvellous Release:

December 1999 was going to its close when Allah's hidden assistance was stirred and caused Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar's release in spite of thousands of watchful guards and oppressions in the Indian jails. It was in a way that a few Indian Mujahideen hijacked an Indian plane along with passengers and freed it off after eight days after getting three prisoners in the Indian jails released; one of them Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar. In this way, he was released after six years and twenty four days of atrocious and heart-rending captivity. The whole world was wonder-struck and the Hindu was utterly regretful and disgraceful.

Height of Love and Loyalty:

The 21st century started with Hazrat Maulana's surprising release. A current of bliss and excitement spread over the Muslim world particularly the Mujahideen. Soon after it, an international Jihad organization the "Jaish-E-Muhammad " was established. The great Ulama and Juriconsult like Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Shaheed رحمۃ اللہ علیہ, Maulana Nizam-ud-Din Shamzai Shaheed رحمۃ اللہ علیہ, Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yusaf Luddhianvi Shaheed رحمۃ اللہ علیہ, Maulana Mufti Muhammad Jameel Khan Shaheed رحمۃ اللہ علیہ and Hazrat Maulana Zia-ul-Qasimy Shaheed رحمۃ اللہ علیہ not only appointed him the International Amir of the "Jaish-E-Muhammad " but also pledged an allegiance to Jihad with him. The "Jasih-E-Muhammad " flourished much in a very short time under his unique leadership and millions of young men enlisted themselves in it and pledged an allegiance to Jihad. The enemies of Islam were astonished and terrified at it.

Nine/Eleven (9/11):

The sad incident of 9/11 took place in September 2001. Two American planes struck against two Sky Scraping Towers of the American World Trade Centre. In this way, America got the plea to annihilate the Muslim World. Firstly, she attacked Afghanistan and extirpated Islamic Caliphate. Then she invaded Iraq, killed millions of Muslims, desertised both the countries and established there the puppet governments for the realization of her nefarious designs. Moreover, she browbeat the governments of the Muslim countries, got the Mujahid Organizations banned, ceased their accounts, arrested the Mujahideen and began to fill the jails.

The World of Islam --- A Slaughter House:

In this way, America collected the Pagan World in the name of International Comity and ran at the Muslim World. She even acquired some hirelings from among the rulers of the Muslim World and promoted her conspiracies against Islam. Ever new terms against adhesion to Islam, religious sense of honour and Jihad were coined. The proud Muslims were blamed with fundamentalism, extremism, violence, narrow-mindedness and terrorism. The right to defend their Belief, modesty, life, property and chastity was snatched away from them and they were termed liable to be killed. The true and peace-loving Muslims were called a danger to the International Peace. On the other hand, the true Muslims were entangled in the labyrinths of so-called enlightenment, modernism, moderation and tolerance and thus efforts were made to turn them secular to deviate them from Islamic culture, Islamic teachings and the passion for Jihad so that they might not find any courage of resistance to defend their Din, their lives and their properties. The matter did not stop here. Besides military and communicative invasions, the Satan launched a war against the political, economic, cultural and educational fields of the world of Islam. There was target killing of the ýUlama, arresting of Mujahideen, economic restrictions, demolition of the Masajid and Madaris, ban on the rights of speech and full efforts were made to distort the concept of Jihad. For this purpose, the names of the known hero Mujahideen of Islam were excluded from the syllabus books in order to scratch out the passion of Belief from the hearts of the Muslims and extinguish the candle of Islam.

Pen, If Not Sword:

In this situation, how could the sense of honour of the well-awake Mujahid like Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar remain in slumber and tolerate all this silently. Therefore, inspite of so deteriorated situation, he shook off every expedience regarding it as timidity and religious weakness. Besides performing the duties of speech and writing and administrative matters, he continued his Jihad activities also. But when he had to undergo captivity and confinement in his own country, he resolved to continue Jihad mission through the medium of the pen and started meditating over the Noble Qur'an in the perspective of the present day situation. (This is also the proof of his deep passionate love for the Noble Qur'an that he committed the entire Noble Qur'an to memory in one month during his captivity in India.) The centre of his thinking, speech and deeds has been the Noble Qur'an from the very beginning. Hence, no sooner did he get release than he began to conduct training and teaching programmes of Jihad verses and washed the layers of dust spread by the false forces, uprooted the new deceptive terms of Infidelity and changed the direction of Satanic propaganda with the help of his books and hence he removed the doubts of his own people as well as the foreigners. No doubt, Allah has created him in this age of subversions, He has also exposed the realities of Jihad to him and has endowed him with great prelate type grandeur. That is why; some people call him the "Revivalist of Jihad." The authentic ýUlama and Juriconsult of Ummah trust and support him. It is also an admitted fact that the Muslim who listens to his address attentively with a receptive mind, or studies his books, cannot help feeling inclined to Jihad.


It is a fact that Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar, since his adolescence, has been thinking of Jihad, waging Jihad, speaking Jihad, writing about Jihad and conducting training programmes about the Jihad verses whether it is day or night, dawn or dusk, journey or stay, captivity or release, father land or foreign land. In these programmes, the lovers of Jihad knowledge have been taking down astonishing commentary notes. So, there was, time and again, demand from those lovers of Jihad that a collective Exegesis of those Jihad verses should be compiled. The same kind of passion of persuasion to Jihad was also urging Hazrat Maulana to do this job because for the last fourteen hundred and thirty years, no separate Exegesis on the hundreds of Jihad Verses comprising information of Jihad, i.e. the Holy Prophet's Ghazwat and Campaigns was compiled to answer the doubts and suspicions of the False People's conspiracies and machinations and especially to impart the readers with complete satisfaction if they make detailed study of all the aspects of Jihad. Therefore, when he found the opportunity of solitude and favourable circumstances in 2005, he took it all as a boon and started this great task named "FAT-HUL-JAWWAD FE MA'ARIF-E-AYAT-IL-JIHAD" فتح الجواد فی معارف آیات الجہاد and surprisingly enough its first volume came to the view in a very short time. The lovers of Jihad received it with open arms and the book began to sell like hot cakes. Now its Editions one after the other are being published because it is sold in foreign countries as well besides Pakistan.

A Few Distinctive Features of The Exegesis:

The Exegete has been attached with the theoretical and practical Jihad since his adolescence. This adhesion and his sacrifices have embellished his thinking greatly. Moreover, he judges the temperaments of the people of the Scripture, Polytheists, Pagans and the Hypocrites, their activities and their pervasive attitudes in the light of the diagnosis and analysis made by the Noble Qur'an. So, he sees through every plot of the enemies before it springs. That is why; no machination of their enmity against Muslims and Jihad is hidden to him. He has analysed the articles in the light of the ancient Jihad history in a way that the glimpses of conspiring characters and their cunningness in the present age rather till the Doomsday can be clearly perceived. In this respect, it is a universal attempt whose importance and need will remain established till centuries.

This Exegesis has a number of distinctive features. One of the most important ones is that the Exegete has described the summary of the verses and other important useful points in a very prominent manner. On the other hand, he has made it very reliable and authentic book collecting the references from the world famous authentic Exegesis books from the world of Islam. In this way, he not only imparts the readers firm confidence with the help of useful bits of information but also imparts them mental, emotional and spiritual training besides giving them fondness and persuasion. Moreover, the Exegete has completed illustration of every verse at useful points, commentary on the present day situation, analysis of the circumstances and motto for the Muslim Ummah in the light of the Noble Qur'an and prayer. Another feature that has made the book in hand interesting and fascinating is the Exegete's authentic arguments, charming writing, every day common language, useful Urdu, Arabic and Persian verses and his own fascinating style.

English Translation:

Fat-hul-Jawwad is, no doubt, a priceless treasure for the lovers of knowledge of Jihad. The Urdu readers have called it the dire need of the hour. It was their pressing demand to spread its message to the English speaking community also by translating it into English. So, Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Masood was requested to perform this sacred task. He is a true Muslim and a Professor of English language and literature. Besides having command over Urdu and English, he has a deep interest in and perception of Arabic also. Before this, he has translated the said Maulana's two books "O Muslim Sister" and "Forty Maladies of the Jews" into English. He has, by the grace of Allah, translated "Fat-hul-Jawwad Fe Ma'arif-E-Ayat-il-Jihad" into English in easy, direct and every day idiomatic language. He has tried to retain the Arabic terms the same as are used in the Noble Qur'an and Traditions and those used by the Exegete. It is hoped, this effort on his part will prove very useful for the English speaking community. May Allah grant his effort with acceptance and make it a source of his absolution! All the readers are requested to pray.